Music theory is all-encompassing. It is about incorporating the breadth of vibrations necessary to make a melodious sound. It requires a meticulous theorist with a keen ear. This is Scott Taylor Jr. also know as Scotti. Originally from Fort Wainwright, Alaska, Scott Taylor Jr. has already left his mark in the music industry as a sound engineer with an incredible ear for vocals, beats, and breaks. It is decisively clear that Scotti’s work will be timeless.



Scotti believes and credits his musical talents to God. He grew up in Church which, between the key changes, choirs, breakdowns, and catchy hooks, was his first true introduction to music theory. As Scotti grew older and began to explore different music genres, his ear expanded. He was able to hear how different musical genres capitalized on live instruments, vocals, and sounds to create something distinct yet eerily recognizable. Merging these distinct sounds into a timeless masterpiece that resonates across cultures, generations, and creeds is what makes Scott Taylor Jr. legendary.

“In many ways, my life parallels music theory. It’s all about bringing together different sounds to create on a body of work that speaks for itself. This is what my journey is about. It’s about capturing timeless music by living in your truth. Music can be a beautiful way to process and become oriented to your truth. I want exemplifying this intentional positivity to be legacy”.